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The Manila Machine

August 28, 2010 1 comment

I gave The Manila Machine some love last month for simply being L.A.’s first Filipino food truck.  It also happens to be the brain-child of two food bloggers who share a love for island cuisine and a desire to bring it to the masses.  It could very well be the first food truck started by bloggers.  It’s a great story and another source of pride for us Filipinos, the main one being a certain boxer-turned-politician.

The Fun Family finally had the chance to catch up with this popular mobile kitchen.  Turns out that it really lives up to all the hype.  Excellent food and friendly service.  They offer a nice mix of traditional dishes and unique twists.  The Chicken Adobo was pretty much what you’d expect out of “lola’s” (grandma) kitchen.  Very tasty, though just a tad overcooked.  Sisig is for hard-core Filipino foodies.  Tradition dictates that this spicy and tangy concoction be made with chopped pig’s face (including the snout and ears, the meat to cartilage ratio being real close to 50/50).  The Manila Machine softens it up a bit by using pork cheeks, which are wonderfully tender and succulent.  It’s pretty amazing as is, but crumbled chicharrones on top kick it up a couple notches.  Tried “The Original Manila Dip”, which is shredded Chicken Adobo and caramelized onions on pandesal (a traditional Filipino dinner roll, one of the greatest breads on the planet), served with adobo sauce for dipping.  Quite good, but not enough of a standout to warrant ordering again.  The Beef Tapa Slider on the other hand will be visiting my digestive system many times over, should the good Lord tarry His coming.  It’s calamansi (think lime) marinated beef (with a touch of sweetness), with achara slaw (have no idea what that is; all I know is that it was crisp and tangy, the perfect counter-point to the tender meat) and sriracha mayo.  Absolutely amazing!

The Manila Machine is a bit spendy for smallish portions, but this is a gourmet food truck, not a turo-turo in a “Little Manila” district.  You won’t find their unique offerings at Jollibee or Red Ribbon … or anywhere, really.  Well, until the copy-cats jump onto the scene.  I dare them to be half as good.

Chicken Adobo and Sisig.

The islander spin on sliders: chicken adobo and caramelized onions on the left, beef tapa and achara slaw on the right.

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Filipino Food Truck!

July 23, 2010 3 comments

Yeh, boyeeeee!  Thanks to two Fil-Am food bloggers, L.A.’s first Filipino food truck is now rollin’ (as in driving and making lumpia — insert groans).  The Manila Machine is jumping into L.A.’s chic street food scene with both traditional island fare and unique creations.

It’s not just about taco trucks parking by construction sites anymore.  These wheeled kitchens serve up all manner of gourmet creativity.  Devoted fans will wait up to 45 minutes for Korean BBQ tacos from Kogi, Ube pancakes from The Buttermilk Truck or French Fry filled Tamales from Fresh Fries.  But let’s get back to this post’s primary shout out….

I’m calling on Manny Pacquiao all Filipinos to show some love to The Manila Machine.  If you’ve not had Filipino food, think of it as Chinese food minus the communism.  Nothing too exotic, just savory and succulent food served with white rice and a smile.  Get over to their website to find out where they’ll be.  Guaranteed, in the near future I’ll be stuffing my Filipino face with an Ube cupcake (topped with coconut buttercream), sisig, and one of their pan de sal sliders.  Quite possibly in that order.