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Food Network Magazine named Marston’s Restaurant in Pasadena the “Best Breakfast in California”.  This cutesy converted house is a few blocks from the heart of Old Town Pasadena and easy to miss.  But it’s also a shame to miss.  You’ll eat in tight quarters but there’s such an inviting and warm vibe to the place.  Then there’s the food….

Corn Flake Encrusted Sourdough French Toast!

Spinach Omelet with Hollandaise and Fried Potatoes!

There just needs to be an international proclamation that all French toast be made with sourdough.  The tanginess of the bread is such a wonderful counterpoint to the sweetness of the batter and syrup.  The corn flake crust is not only a textural delight, but it also imparts a subtle flavor without being overwhelmingly sweet.  This is an amazing treat!  And this is coming from a food nerd who can make some mean French toast.  My only complaint is that the maple syrup came cold.

The Fun Wife went with the omelet, which was bursting with filling and flavor but a tad overcooked.  The egg was a bit dry and tough.  The Hollandaise sauce was bland.  Not bad, but it just didn’t really add anything to the plate.  The big star of our whole breakfast was, surprisingly, the side of potatoes.  These are not your everyday, run-of-the-mill, breakfast home fries.  They’re incredibly savory, an explosion of butter, garlic, onions, and herbs.  “Best Breakfast” is still debatable in my mind.  But these are easily the best breakfast potatoes I’ve ever had.

I look forward to sleeping each night just for the possibility of dreaming about those potatoes.

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