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The French Crepe Company

The Los Angeles Farmers Market is a food lovers paradise.  You can travel the world without boarding an airplane.  The stall that will take you to Europe is The French Crepe Company.  Can’t say that I’m an expert in French food, so I can’t comment on the authenticity of their rendering of these fresh-griddled treats.  The only other crepes I’ve had were at a Japanese Sushi Buffet (go figure!).  But I am quite the expert on what tastes good to me, and the Napolean Crepe with fresh strawberries, Nutella and whipped creme was ooo-la-la good!  Though definitely big enough for two adults to share, I have trouble justifying the $8+ price tag.  We’re pretty much talking about a thin pancake batter, with just a touch of butter and easy-to-find fillings.  Granted, Nutella is fancier than Hershey’s, but its not as expensive as, say, a ganache made with Leonidas chocolate.  Once again, very good, but over-priced.

The crepe itself is soft and delicate with a bit of a chew.  With the many fillings, one could just go wild with endless combinations.  You can also go with a number of savory options, which might be a better value as I can see one of those making for a very satisfying meal.  But, more than likely, I’ll let the Japanese satisfy my French crepe cravings.

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