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Cinnamon’s Bakery

“El Nino” sure has dumped a nice bit of snow on our local mountains (the San Gabriels).  The quaint mountain town of Wrightwood is an inviting stop for spring snow play.  Right in the middle of town, a longstanding institution offers up some super sweets to faithful locals and curious visitors.  Cinnamon’s Bakery is probably best known for their delectable cinnamon rolls, but they have a pretty nice selection of baked goods worth stopping in for.

Before hitting up our somewhat secret sledding spot, The FUNdamental Family recently stopped in for a sugar rush.  Their classic cinnamon roll is very good.  The dough is fluffy and delicate, but they’re a bit skimpy with the cinnamon/brown sugar filling.  If the glaze had any cream cheese in it, I would be surprised.  Very sweet but a bit on the bland side.  Still, the roll was definitely fresh and quite enjoyable.  The “Avalanche” roll has a syrup-y sweet peanut butter glaze on it.  Very unique and very good.  I believe I’ve found the very best bear claw in the world at Cinnamon’s Bakery.  The filling was substantial without being overly sweet and the dough was nicely perfumed with almond flavor.  If you like bear claws, I encourage you to try one and tell me if you’ve ever had a better one!

The "Avalanche" Cinnamon Roll

Best. Bear Claw. Ever.

Apologies for the blog’s silence.  More reviews and recipes are being cooked up!

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