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J & J’s BBQ & Fish

If it’s in the hood, it better be good.  J & J’s is located in a small strip mall in a seedy part of Pomona.  This new restaurant’s locale isn’t going to win over a faithful following, but its food just might.  They use oak to smoke their meats and offer half a dozen or so fish choices for their fish fry platters.

We ordered the three meat combo with ribs, brisket and hot links, and cole slaw and beans as the sides.  We had the kids split a rib dinner plate (double fries), and a fish plate (we chose whiting fish, fries and hush puppies).  The ribs had a light smokey flavor but sat in the warmer a bit too long.  They were a tad dry.  I would like to try them fresh out of the pit.  The brisket was as tender and juicy as any brisket we’ve ever had, but could’ve been smokier.  The hot links were tasty and had a nice kick, but were a bit on the cool side (temperature).  Their spicy BBQ sauce is definitely spicy (they were so considerate to warn us and have us sample it first).  It has a strong molasses flavor, which might be a bit overwhelming for some, but I thought is was pretty good.  They put way too much on the meat, though.  Next time, I’ll ask for it on the side.  The slaw was excellent, creamy and well-balanced.  The beans were also very enjoyable.  The star of the show was the fish fry.  Very good flavor, complimented by a light and crispy corn-meal breading.  I definitely want to return to try some of the other fish (I remember snapper, sole and catfish being on the menu).  The fries and hush puppies were your standard freezer fare.

As a brand new operation, J & J’s has a few kinks to work out.  But it is obvious that these folks can cook.  I hope they make it.

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  1. L.A. Food Bloggin
    December 2, 2009 at 12:04 pm

    Hey, the site looks great! Looking forward to some great food talk.

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